22nd Zagorski Economic Forum

Zagorski Economic Forum is arranged as a forum for business meetings of companies from Zagorje, Croatia, the City of Zagreb, Croatian counties and neighboring Slovenia, with the presentation of industrial and service companies as well as traditional and contemporary crafts. During the forum, Beton Lučko presented ECO-SANDWICH.

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Presentation at the 36th Construction Fair, Budva, Montenegro

The Construction Fair is a business-fair with a long and successful tradition representing the manufacturers and distributors of construction machinery and equipment, manufacturers of building materials, doors and windows and accessories, distributors and manufacturers of roofing materials, ventilation systems, electro and power equipment, companies that are in engineering, design and software bussiness and construction industry.

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Workshop ECO-SANDWICH® day

Zagreb, 14 of May 2014 – On 14th of May 2014 at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering workshop ECO-SANDWICH® day was held on themes Energy Efficiency, Sustainable construction and Use of recycling resources in the Croatia. During the workshop European project was introduced together with its product „ECOSANDWICH®, Energy efficient, recycled concrete

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INOVA award for ECO-SANDWICH panel !

Zagreb, 12th -16th November 2013 -The major international exhibition of innovations INOVA was held at the Zagreb International Fair as one of eleven leading world expos. It was the 38th anniversary of such exhibitions in Croatia. INOVA 2013 offer ample opportunities for domestic inventors and entrepreneurs as to meet their foreign colleagues and for placement of inventions on the Croatian

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Best Croatian Green Economy Team !

Zagreb, 18.05.2013. – In the presence of Minister of Environment and Nature Protection Mihael Zmajlović, head of City Department of Energy, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development of the City of Zagreb Marijan Maras, assistant Minister of Economy Department of Energy Kristina Čelić and project leader for the Enterprise Europe Network in Croatia Vesna Torbarina, ‘GREENOVATION

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17th International Passive House Conference

Frankfurt am Main, 19th – 20th April 2013. – In organization by Passive Hause Institute and city of Frankfurt am Main it was held 17th “International Passive House Conference”.The main sponsor was Lucie Puttrich, minister of Environmental, Energy, Agronomy and Consumer  Protection of the Heesen  Professor Ljubomir Miščević presented his work: “Passive House and ECO-SANDWICH EU Eco-innovation Project

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Croatian assembly of engineering

Cavtat, 15. – 17.11.2012. – 6th Council of Croatian Civil Engineering Bojan Milovanović presented ECO-SANDWICH wall system (“ECO–SANDWICH system, sustainable prefabricated wall panel system made of recycled aggregates“)within the section New tehnologie and materials at the conference 6th Council of Croatian Civil Engineering.

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Beton Lucko Ldt. and Kanuf Insulation Ltd. participated at the International Economic and Investment Fair Days and development, production and investment in the green economy. Prof.  Ivana Banjad Pečur Ph.D. (Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Zagreb), prof. Ljubomir Miščević (Faculty of Architecture University of Zagreb) i Krešimir Benjak (Knauf Insulation Ltd.) participated at the

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Cover of the research/professional journal GRAĐEVINAR!

ECO-SANDWICH was on the cover of the research/professional journal “Građevinar”: Volumen: 65, Year: 2013, Issue: 5, Page: 411-508, UDK: UDK 624+69(05)=862, ISSN (tisak): 0350-2465, ISSN (on-line): 1333-9095 The journal Građevinar is a research/professional journal issued by   the Croatian Society of Civil Engineers (HSGI) based in Zagreb, Croatia. The journal has been continuously appearing under its

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Croatian Building Forum 2013

As part of the 60th anniversary of the Croatian Association of Civil Engineers and 65th anniversary of the Journal of Civil Engineers, in Zagreb was held Croatian Building Forum 2013 organized by the Croatian Association of Civil Engineers. Croatian Building Forum 2013  discussed about construction development as it is one of the most important branches

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