Ecose® technology

A newly developed mineral wool manufactured using Ecose® Technology is used as a thermal insulation material. The ECOSE® based mineral wool provides significant  environmental advantages. It is manufactured from abundant recycled (glass bottles, plate glass, internal waste; up to 85% of total content of resources) and naturally (silica) occurring materials. According  to BRE Green Guide-a (BREEAM system), the technology is free from formaldehyde, phenols, pentanes, butanes and acrylics. I it has lower embodied energy than traditional oil based binders (reduced up to 70%) and it improves the overall sustainability of buildings and it has no artificial colours or dyes.

Comporation of Ecose® mineral wool with sheep’s wool and slaw as thermal insulation material, according toBRE Green Guide.


In addition, the performance of ECOSE® based mineral wool does not deteriorate over time and is fully recyclable at the end of a building’s life.

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