Fire resistance of the ECO-SANDWICH® panels

The fire resistance testing of ECO-SANDWICH® panels recommended classification in class EI90 according to norm HRN EN 13501-2: Fire classification of construction products and building elements – Part 2: Classification using data from fire resistance tests, excluding ventilation services.

The fire resistance testing was made in Laboratory for thermal measurement  LTM using fire-fomm. Fire is made with 6 burners on liquid gas (light destillate oil).

DSC01979  DSC02733

Fire-foam                                                                     Burners

During the fire testing, sample was exposed to inner fire according with exponential  time-temperature curve from norm HRN EN 1363-1:2012 and to outer fire according with outer fire curve from norm  HRN EN 1363:2-2002 regarding thermal  exposure and pressure.

Testing sample was made from four separate part built in supporting construction (two concrete beam that lay alongside sheets of fire-foam and one concrete beam in the middle of fire-foam frame. After mounting, all air-tightness between elements of construction and elements of supporting construction were sealed with high temperature and fire sealants.

P1010775   P1010782

P1010779   P1010787

P1010788   P1010791

Samples before testing:


Samples during testing:

P1010807  P1010811

DSC02762   P1010817

Samples after testing: