Possibilities of use

The ECO-SANDWICH® prefabricated wall panels have a high durability, low operating costs, and provide a number of advantages over competitive products. Panels are economical and enable rapid construction with high aesthetic values. The ECO-SANDWICH® wall panels are both reuseable and fully recyclable.

The ECO-SANDWICH® has a vast potential to substantially improve energy performance of the deteriorating building stock thus facilitating a move towards reaching the EU’s 20-20-20 goals by 2020, creating new business opportunities and fostering a more innovative and competitive economy.

Possibilitis of the application of the ECO-SANDWICH® panels in new construction as a load bearing structure or cladding wall panels for:

  • apartment buildings,
  • houses,
  • warehouses,
  • manufacturing buildings,
  • office complexes,
  • schools,
  • farms etc.

Beton Lučko d.o.o.

Examples of the application prefabricated wall panels

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