Compared to the solutions prevalent on the market, the ECO-SANDWICH® wall system has favourable market characteristics both in terms of life-cycle cost and performance, retaining at the same time a substantially lower environmental impact than the competing products with the same insulation thickness.

Following picture shows savings of the ECO-SANDWICH® (right) compared to EPS core wall panel (EPS 10 cm – left).

The embodied energy of the ECO-SANDWICH® is 33.8% lower than that of lightweight composite insulation panels such as those made of aluminium or galvanized sheets and polyurethane insulation.

Moreover, the ECO-SANDWICH® wall system has greater thermal mass. This optimizes the benefits of solar gain, reducing the need for heating energy by 2-15% and also smoothes out fluctuations in internal temperature thus reducing daytime air-conditioning requirements by up to 50%.

The ECO-SANDWICH is both reusable and fully recyclable.

By using recycled CDW in combination with mineral wool ECO-SANDWICH® constitutes an innovative product whose embodied energy payback time is 22 months due to savings during exploitation.