1st ECO-SANDWICH® International workshop

The first international workshop with the main theme “Energy efficient prefabricated panel – ECO-SANDWICH® – from waste to product” was held at the International Building Trade Fair SEEBBE, Belgrade Fair, Belgrade, Serbia.

The Building Trade Fair in Belgrade is the most important specialized fair event in this branch in the entire region of South East Europe. The international importance confirmation of the International Building Trade fair in Belgrade is also its membership in the Union des Foires Internationales (UFI), in Paris, since October 1998. During the running of the International Building Trade Fair SEEBBE there was 505 exhibitors and more than 34000 visitors national and from abroad (24 Participating Countries – Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Croatia, Espana, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine).

ECO-SANDWICH® consortium took of the opportunity and presented ECO-SANDWICH® panel to participants through

1. the first ECO-SANDWICH® International workshop
2. exhibition stand with Beton Lučko ltd. representatives during the running of the fair .

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During the first international workshop, ECO-SANDWICH® was introduced as an innovative ventilated prefabricated concrete wall panel with integrated Ecose® mineral wool insulation.

The participants were introduced with:

  • Trends and EU policies in the context of energy efficiency and construction waste, European requirements 20-20-20 until 2020
  • How cooperation between scientific institutions and industry may lead to the development of new innovative ideas
  • What is ECO-SANDWICH®,
  • Features and benefits of ECO-SANDWICH® panel, and
  • Options and examples of use the ECO-SANDWICH® panel


Also ECO-SANDWICH® consortium applied for GO GREEN action organized for the sixth time by Belgrade Fair at the Building Trade Fair SEEBBE. The exhibitor Beton Lučko with ECO-SANDWICH® as energy efficient applied products was especially marked in the Guide, the green product list was posted on the Website (http://seebbe.com/en/home/akcija_obojimo_zeleno.html) and the stands where ECO-SANDWICH® panel was presented in the halls was especially and recognizably marked – by green balloons.