ECO-SANDWICH international workshop

16th April of 2015 – As part of the International Building Trade Fair SEEBBE, Belgrade Fair, an international workshop with the main theme Energy efficient prefabricated panel - ECO-SANDWICH® - from waste to product” was held.

During the workshop  ECO-SANDWICH® introduced an innovative ventilated prefabricated concrete wall panel with integrated Ecose® mineral wool insulation. It allows very low energy design and retrofit of buildings, reuse and recycling of CDW (all in accordance with 6th and 7th Basic Requirement for Construction Works). It resulted from collaboration between academic community and construction industry and on principles of ‘’turnkey’’ construction provides user a high quality, affordable, energy saving and aesthetically attractive concrete building.

The participants were introduced with:

  • Trends and EU policies in the context of energy efficiency and construction waste, European requirements 20-20-20 until 2020
  • How cooperation between scientific institutions and industry may lead to the development of new innovative ideas
  • What is ECO-SANDWICH®,
  • Features and benefits of ECO-SANDWICH® panel, and
  • Options and examples of use the ECO-SANDWICH® panel

The workshop was supported by the European Commission, within the framework of the EU project ECO-SANDWICH® financed from CIP ECO INNOVATION fund.