First application

First ECO-SANDWICH® house

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First ECO-SANDWICH® house was opened in the City of Koprivnica as one of the twelve planned typical multi-family house as a socially-supported housing construction in the A+ energy standard.

The application of ECO-SANDWICH® panels was created in the close cooperation with the Agency for Socially-supported housing construction of Koprivnica, as non-profit organisation that plans and builds dwellings as socially-supported housing constructions.

The main purpose of the Agency for Socially-supported housing construction is the integration of the most vulnerable groups of people who are typically accommodated inadequate private accommodation, as well as the most vulnerable local population such as single parents, older people, victims of domestic violence and people who are in need of housing, through the provision of sustainable housing solutions. Most are unemployed and have limited access to job opportunities.

It has to be additionally enhanced that project was realized within of use sustainable, green public procurement.