Project activities

Project is structured in 6 work packages:

  1. Management
  2. Upgrading production line – improving production capabilities, production line has to be upgraded and adjusted.
  3. Design and optimization – Design of the building; Finding the optimal design for the ECO-SANDWICH®  panels and materials used for fabricatiion and testing
  4. First application of the ECO-SANDWICH® panel – First application of the ECO-SANDWICH® panels to full extent will be done on the first passive building in Koprivnica, Croatia
  5. Exploitation and business plan – Defining potential market size for uptake of the ECO-SANDWICH® wall system; Business plan; Marketing and replication activities
  6. Dissemination Activities – Promote new and integrated approach of business innovation in the material recycling area  to target groups
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    Project objectives


    • Development of a marketing strategy for the introduction of an innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable product



    • modernise the production line making it capable of producing the ECO‐SANDWICH® as well as to develop marketing strategy for the introduction of a new, eco‐innovative product
    • Set up a mechanism to exploit across Europe
    • Encourage the re‐use and recycling of construction and demolition waste (CDW) in order to shift CDW management from disposal to recycling and reduce utilisation of natural resources thus preventing landscape degradation
    • Promote the substitution of conventional thermal insulation materials by mineral wool produced using innovative and sustainable technology, leading to a reduced environmental impact
    • Promote implementation of prefabricated, energy efficient products in order to enable reduction of primary energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings
    • Reduce embodied energy, embodied carbon and production of by‐product wastes
    • Ability to recycle ECO‐SANDWICH® panel at the end of its life